Getting Published

Getting Published

Getting Yourself Published helps authors to get their manuscripts published. Getting Published is not a difficult process. But authors need to ask themselves what they are trying to achieve and how much time and effort they are willing to commit.

Everyone deserves a chance to self publish, but authors need to be realistic about how many copies of their published work they are likely to sell, and even if they aim to sell their work. There are many authors who want to produce something only for friends and family, or for a business or organisation. In such a case it is advisable to spend as little as possible on the publishing process since there will be no royalties to cover the costs. Our Bronze package is ideal for such projects.

But there are other authors and manuscripts which could sell a reasonable, but modest, number of copies. This is especially the case if the author is willing to put a lot of effort into the marketing of the book. But it is also the case if the manuscript fills a niche which already has a community of interested potential readers and purchasers.

As long as the author is realistic about the likely sales, and the costs which might be incurred then there is no reason why any author should be denied the pleasure of holding a copy of their own writing, in professionally published form, in their own hands.

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